Online Banking Security Upgrade FAQs

CRITICAL: Your preferred web browser (Example: Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, etc.) must have “Java Script” enabled in order to successfully login to the upgraded site. Browser Troubleshooting Guide

Q: I've "Registered" my computer but I keep getting prompted for a one-time security pass code. How can I change this?
Review the "Privacy Settings" page for instructions.

Q: How do I change or add the method in which I receive the one-time security passcode?
A: Review the "Adding additional devices to receive the One Time Passcode" page for instructions.

Q: Why am I being ask to go through this security upgrade? How can I get back to the old security?
A: Capital Bank is upgrading the overall security of our online banking platform. It is our commitment to keep your accounts safe, while adopting the latest security requirements provided by the government. The new user authentication process complies with best industry practices on how to protect you and your finances.

Q: Is there any issue with the security of my bank account?
A: No, there is no effect to the security of your account. There are new rules for the username and password which must be met due to our security standards.  If your previous username and/or password do not meet that criteria, then you will be prompted to change them after June 19, 2013.

Q: Why wasn’t I notified of this change beforehand?
A: Capital Bank has sent numerous email communications to the email address on file in addition to specialized messaging visible at login prior to June 19, 2013.  If you have any issues logging into your account please contact our Customer Service department by dialing 800-639-5111.

Q:I have already completed the One-Time setup to receive the new security passcode via text message, phone call or email.  Will I have to complete the setup process again if I use a different computer or device to access online banking?
A: No, these are one-time setup steps and will not need to be repeated on multiple devices.  The setup process allows you to establish a preferred method to receive the one-time security passcode (text, voice call or email) on future logins.  After the setup process is completed and when you log into Online Banking from an unrecognized computer or device, you will be sent a one-time passcode that you must enter.  The passcode will be delivered to the phone number you set up or email address (depending on your delivery preference), and verifies that you are you, not a fraudster trying to get into your account..

Q: Is my account number changing?
A: No, your account number is not changing.  This is just a change to your user ID and password for logging into your online banking account.

Q: I don’t have a phone available right now.  Can I still go through this process?
Yes, you can select to have the code sent via email.

Q: Do I need to have a cell phone to complete this process?
No, you can use any phone that accepts calls or texts you can also select to have the code sent via email.

Q: I don't have a text-capable phone. Can the verification code be emailed?
Yes, you can select to have the code sent via email or you can have it sent via voice.

Q: What are the new User ID and Password Requirements?

  • Must be between 6 and 20 characters.
  • Must contain at least one letter.
  • Can contain numbers and/or these
    Special characters: @$_-=.!~
  • Must be between 8 and 32 characters
  • Must contain a combination of:
    • Letters and numbers, or
    • Letters and special characters, or
    • Numbers and special characters.

Q: I don’t have time to do this right now.  Can I just get into my account and do this process at a later time?
Unfortunately we cannot bypass this upgrade process for you – it is required now to access your account.  It will just take a few minutes to follow the on-screen prompts.

Q: What happened to challenge questions?
The federal regulators do not consider challenge questions to be as secure as a one-time passcode.  The security of your accounts is of upmost importance to us, so we are moving from challenge questions to a one-time passcode.


If you have any questions regarding Capital Bank’s Online Banking, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Who to call


  • Toll Free: 1.800.639.5111