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Review the
First Time Login Experience.

How does this impact my Mobile Banking?


CRITICAL: Your preferred web browser (Example: Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, etc.) must have “Java Script” enabled in order to successfully login to the upgraded site. Browser Troubleshooting Guide

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What to expect the first time I login to the upgraded platform after June 19, 2013.

The login process you are accustomed to will change to include receiving a “One-Time Security Passcode” via text message, voice call or email.  Once the passcode is received you will be required to key it online to gain access to your account in addition to keying in your User ID and Password.  You can register your computer as private to skip the verification process for future logins.  The following screens will demonstrate how this new process will work and allow you to become familiar with it.

You will see the following screen the first time you log in to Online Banking account after the upgrade is complete. Once you click on “Let’s get started,” you will be guided through three easy steps to enhance your online security.

The steps will take about five minutes or less to complete, and you must have a phone (mobile or landline) handy.

MFA Example

   Update Login Information   

If your login credentials do not meet the new minimum requirements you will be prompted to change them.

Review Login Info

   Update Phone Number  

Add second phone number

  Receive Verification Code  

Text code

  Enter Verification Code  

Verify phone number

   Finish Verification   

Finish Verification

** You can register your computer by selecting "Yes, Register this computer" to avoid having to receive the one time password each time you log in. **

NOTE: Challenge questions have been removed as an authentication method. With Enhanced Security Authentication you are able to add up to five phones and two email addresses. 

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