Enhanced Security Authentication - Mobile Banking

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Below is an overview and detailed of the new Enhanced Security Authentication available through the iPhone and Android Mobile Applications. The new flow at login will help protect users while ensuring an easy user experience. It will also keep us in compliance of FFIEC security guidelines for mobile banking.

You will only have to go through this flow once per device.

  Login Step 1:  

  • The login page represents the first factor of authentication, and is something that you already know.
  • There are no changes to this page.

Initial Login Screen

  Login Step 2: 

  • This is the start of the second factor of authentication
  • You only have to complete this flow once per device.

Step 1

  Login Step 3: 

  • If you select "Text me" you will see this page. Depending on the carrier, you should receive the text within seconds.
  • If you select "Call me" it will be a very similar page displayed for a second until the call connects to your phone.

Step 2

  Login Step 4: 

  • Once you receive the text on your registered number, you can instantly click over (in mobile app) to see the full text in your SMS application.
  • Simply reply with passcode as instructed by the text. There is nothing to try to memorize or write down and no need to switch between applications. Verification is securely and easily done in the SMS channel.
  • You will then receive a confirmation message instructing you to go back to the browser.
  • Voice authentication is even easier as the user just presses 1 to confirm the login while on the phone.


  Success Screen: 

  • This is the success screen that will appear on your browser once you navigate back.
  • Once your identity has been confirmed you will have access to your accounts.

successful login

  Accounts View: 

Once you press "Go to my accounts" you will be redirected to the Home page on your iPhone or the Accounts page on your Android phone.

You will view this page immediately upon future logins as long as it is the same device for the same set of credentials and you will only have to complete this flow once per device.

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