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To help you make the most of your time, Capital Bank has a variety of online services geared toward the needs of your business. Contact one of our associates at your local branch to help you determine the best solution to meet your needs as well as assist in getting you started today! Another reason why Capital Bank is the smart solution for your business, no matter the size. Online Banking


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  • NEW 3/15/2016 - A Bank Customer's Guide to Cybersecurity  
  • 1/11/16 - Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft
  • 12/9/15 - Best Practices for Businesses to Detect the Business Email Compromise Scam
  • 12/9/15 - 7 Bad Spending Habits to Avoid this Holiday Season
  • 3/17/15 - The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) has received reports of an online phishing scam that uses a website with a logo and a design similar to the agency’s own site in an attempt to convince unwary customers to provide information or send money. Read More.
  • 3/10/15 - Fictitious Correspondence Regarding the Release of Funds Supposedly Under the Control of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency - The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) recently advised Capital Bank that fictitious correspondence, allegedly issued by the OCC regarding funds supposedly under the control of the OCC and other government entities, is in circulation. Correspondence may be distributed via e-mail, fax, or postal mail. The request asks for personal information that can be used to commit theft by fraud. Read More on the OCC Website here.
  • 2/24/15 - Business Email Compromise Alert. Read more.
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