Business Money Market

Our Business Money Market is a great account for setting aside funds you may need to access in the near future. Placing the funds in a money market account will allow you to earn a higher interest rate then you would in a checking account.

Account Details:

  • No charge for the first 6 withdrawals per statement cycle*
  • $10 monthly service charge waived when you maintain a $2,500 average daily balance during the statement cycle
  • Interest rates are tiered based on daily collected balance
  • Open with a minimum $100 deposit

*A $5 fee will be assessed for each withdrawal in excess of (6) six per statement cycle.  Federal Regulations limit preauthorized transfers to third parties or to another account of yours to (6) per month (including debit transactions, ACH transfers, telephonic transfer or similar order).  In person withdrawals and transfers including at the ATM, and internal transfers to make loan payments are not limited.