Payable Solutions

Positive Pay

Minimize check fraud losses with Capital Bank’s Positive Pay services. With Positive Pay, you can review check activity prior to payment by the bank, and return fraudulent checks before they are cleared against your account. You’ll easily transmit issue daily files and exception reports via our Commercial Online Banking system. 

Purchase Card

The One Card from Capital Bank combines travel and entertainment (T&E) with purchasing card features. It provides your organization unified processing, simplified management and maximized savings. Moreover, it provides access to the Visa® worldwide network with acceptance at millions of merchant locations and ATMs. Use of the One Card ensures your employees access to goods, services and cash around the globe — eliminating the need for more costly alternatives such as petty cash or cash advances. Additionally, detailed transaction data is captured on every purchase. The One Card from Capital Bank can be fully integrated with your electronic expense reporting (EER) system so you get valuable information to help you monitor T&E spending and aid in vendor negotiations.

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Direct Deposit

Direct deposit service allows you to deposit electronically your employees’ net pay into their accounts at their financial institution. Employee direct deposit reduces your expenses while providing a valuable and convenient benefit for your employees. 

Online Payroll Services

Capital Bank's Online Payroll service, Sage Payroll Services, offers a complete payroll solution that allows you to streamline payroll calculations, manage payroll taxes, and pay employees by check or direct deposit. It’s quick and easy. Simply log in, enter hours, preview and submit!

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Zero Balance Accounts

A zero balance account (ZBA) allows you to automatically pool funds into one master account from multiple accounts of yours. Funds are transferred electronically each business night from the sub accounts to the master account for automatic funds concentration. ZBAs eliminate the need to transfer funds manually, reduce account balance requirements and increase the amount of usable cash in your company’s operating account.

Like our collection service, ZBA accounts work well for disbursement accounts, such as company payroll accounts linked to an operating account. Zero balance accounts automatically link multiple Capital Bank checking accounts together, thereby eliminating the need to make manual transfers or phone transfers between accounts.

Wire Transfer Services

A wire transfer is an electronic transfer of funds from one financial institution to another and is generally originated by a written or verbal request by a Capital Bank client. Because a wire transfer represents the immediate transfer of funds from the bank, it is the policy of Capital Bank to ensure that all wire transfer requests are received only from individuals who are authorized to withdraw funds from Capital Bank accounts and to transfer funds only against available funds.

ACH Debit Block

ACH Debit Block is available to Block automated clearing house (ACH) transactions with ACH Debit Block. This valuable electronic fraud prevention service blocks unauthorized ACH debits from posting against your company’s account, allowing the account security from fraudulent ACH debit activity. This service is available to business and commercial customers.

ACH Filter Service

Keeping track of ACH transactions that post to your account can be a challenge – especially if some of those transactions are not authorized.  Capital Bank’s ACH Blocks and Filters service offers business customers a way to ensure that only those authorized ACH transactions post to your account(s).  With our ACH Blocks and Filters services you are able to: