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Online Banking Basic

Now you can have complete control of your accounts from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for free.

  • Account reconciliation
  • Transfer funds between any of your Capital Bank accounts
  • Automated stop payment
  • Unlimited electronic bill payment

Online Banking Basic is secure and takes full advantage of the sophisticated security features built into the most popular internet Web browsers. Enjoy secure real-time banking – your account information is always safe and up to date.   

Commercial Online Banking

Commercial Online Banking is a business enhanced version of Online Banking Basic. It includes additional business banking features such as wire transfer capabilities, ACH transactions (direct deposit, preauthorized drafts or cash concentration) and multi-user functionality that allows varying account authority or functionality by user. Also, Commercial Online Banking gives you the ability to transfer funds between checking accounts and commercial lines of credit.

Contact your local branch manager to sign up today.

Wire Transfer Services

A wire transfer is an electronic transfer of funds from one financial institution to another and is generally originated by a written or verbal request by a Capital Bank client. Because a wire transfer represents the immediate transfer of funds from the bank, it is the policy of Capital Bank to ensure that all wire transfer requests are received only from individuals who are authorized to withdraw funds from Capital Bank accounts and to transfer funds only against collected funds as outlined below.

Email Wire Notification

Wire transfer services enable you to transfer funds domestically and internationally directly from your account via branch authorization or by using our online treasury reporting service, Commercial Online Banking.  Capital Bank recommends establishing dual control features whereby one user inputs the wire and another authorized user approves the wire to be sent.



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