Visa Large Business Credit Card
Control expenses with the Visa® Large Business Credit Card.

A Capital Bank Visa® Large Business Card provides convenience to your employees and more control for you. It is a convenient way to cover regular business expenses such as hotel accommodations, airfare and business lunches.

Product Features

  • Visa liability waiver program – protects companies from corporate card misuse by terminated employees up to $100,000 per cardholder
  • Online access – view Visa Large Business Card transaction records through Capital Bank's business website
  • Access your account information 24/7 through the toll free automated touch tone service
  • Prevent fraudulent use by temporarily "freezing" card activity if lost or stolen*

Product Benefits

  • Interest-free grace period – pay no interest on purchases when purchase balances are paid in full by your payment due date
  • Auto rental insurance at no additional charge
  • Emergency cash and card replacement – if your card is lost or stolen, we will ensure that you receive your emergency replacement card – wherever you are – as early as the next business day
  • $250,000 automatic common carrier insurance – enjoy instant peace-of-mind when you use the Capital Bank Visa Large Business Card to purchase airline, train or other common carrier tickets

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Check Positive Pay

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