ACH Cash Concentration and Pre-Authorized Debits
Quickly concentrate receivables into one cash pool with ACH Cash Concentration and Pre-Authorized Debits.

Deposit (ACH) Cash Concentration is ideal for companies with multiple locations that use a local depository bank, but need to quickly concentrate receivables into one cash pool. Capital Bank's Touch Tone ACH system allows individual customer locations to report deposit activity through a toll-free touch tone system. ACH transactions are created to pull deposits from local banks into Capital Bank.

Additionally, the Pre-Authorized ACH Debits service enables you to directly debit your customers on a routine basis when they enroll with your company to approve such a payment method.

Product features

  • Provides multiple locations with a toll-free number to report daily deposits
  • ACH transactions are created easily with a simple phone call

Product benefits

  • Using either delivery or a combination of both creates a single cash pool for your use to reduce debt, invest or use for other working capital needs
  • Pre-Authorized ACH Debits service offers multiple transmission channels for delivery of data to bank

Same Day ACH Credit Origination

NACHA and the Federal Reserve have approved a new rule that allows for processing Same Day ACH transactions. Same Day credits went into effect in September 2016. Same Day debits became eligible September 2017. While all financial institutions will be required to receive same day ACH transactions, Capital Bank will also offer same day origination allowing your business to make payments faster. What this means to you:

  • Any qualifying ACH transactions meeting NACHA rules that are sent with a “today” effective date will be processed for same day settlement.
  • Same Day ACH will be a Capital Bank optional premium service and per transaction fees will apply for any ACH transactions that are initiated with today’s effective date.

Additional information about ACH:

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