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25 Years of Giving Video Contest

We’re excited about the stories we’ve received from the community in our 25 Years of Giving Video Contest. What better way to celebrate our foundation’s more than a quarter century of community support totaling more than $80 million?

Judging begins - Voting is now complete!

Thanks to everyone who voted for a deserving non-profit in our 25 Years of Giving Contest. The votes collected are currently being tallied to determine our 30 finalists. Our winners will be announced on Oct. 1.

All of our videos are still available at the links below. Watch them again as you wait for the announcement of our contest winners.

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To learn more about the Capital Bank Foundation, see below. To learn more about the First Tennessee Foundation, click here

Our company established a private charitable foundation in 1993 to support nonprofit organizations in the communities we serve.

Founded in 1993, the First Horizon National Corporation is the parent company of First Tennessee Bank National Association operating as Capital Bank and First Tennessee Bank.

In our Tennessee and Texas communities we serve our communities as the First Tennessee Foundation. The Capital Bank Foundation supports our community investment efforts in our Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia communities.

The Foundation invests in a way that engages our employees, responds inclusively to needs and promotes progress and prosperity across our markets. To date, more than $80 million has been distributed to meet community needs.

The Foundation focuses on contributions to strengthen these vital signs of a strong community:

  • Arts & Culture: Promoting excellence and enrichment in the arts
  • Education & Leadership: Educating, developing the next generation of leaders
  • Environment: A more sustainable tomorrow
  • Financial Literacy: Investing in the financial future
  • Health & Human Services: Improving the well-being of our communities

How We Make Our Giving Decisions

We accept applications from Oct. 1 – Dec. 1, to be awarded the following year. Final decisions are communicated by the end of March for the year we grant the request. All applications are carefully reviewed by staff, and select applications are then reviewed annually by leaders who work in the region where the grant is received.

Getting Started

Please review our guidelines before you get started. If, after reviewing this information, you believe your organization and/or project fit within our Foundation's program interests, please click here and follow these directions

We do not use corporate contributions to support:

  • Individuals
  • Trips and Tours
  • Charities sponsored solely by a single civic organization
  • Charities that redistribute funds to other charitable organizations, except in the case of recognized united fund-type organizations
  • K-12 schools and solely religious, social or fraternal organizations
  • Political organizations or those having the primary purpose of influencing legislation or promoting a particular ideological point of view
  • Operating budget deficits

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