Minimize Potential Fraud & ACH Fraud Protection

Here are some ways to help minimize potential fraud:

• Download Trusteer Rapport, Capital Bank’s highly recommended lightweight security software that protects your bank account from fraudulent transactions. It secures your communication with our online banking website and blocks malicious attempts to access or steal personal information or money from your account.

• Secure Tokens. Tokens are devices that offer a unique, one-time security code when initiating ACH, Wire and Tax Payment transactions. Tokens are user-friendly and secure, providing the simplicity of using a password but with a higher level of protection which safeguards your company from potentially devastating security breaches. Please note the ADMINISTRATOR of the account is responsible for the supervision and distribution of the Secure Tokens provided. Tokens are required when using ACH or Wires.

• Take advantage of Enhanced Multi Factor Authentication (EMFA).EMFA brings more options to access your one time security code when accessing your online banking product. For your security and convenience we have added two options: Voice Call and Text Messages. The ADMINISTRATOR on the account must provide us with the phone numbers of your choice that you wish to use for your account access. The Text option can be selected after login. Please note the ADMINISTRATOR is responsible for the setup of Company users, including email address and phone numbers.

• Monitor account activity on a daily basis. By using your Retail Online Banking or Commercial Online Banking service, you can view your account balances and transactions.

• Implement a dual control system where appropriate. If you initiate ACH payments, one employee can create the transaction or batch and another employee can be required to approve it before release to the bank. This type of dual control helps minimize the risk of an employee having autonomous control over an entire process.

• Ensure your company’s computers are free from viruses and malware by keeping your anti-virus software up to date.

• Do not share your login credentials with other employees. Any misuse of information or unapproved transaction initiation between employees using the same login credentials will be harder to ascertain and profile and puts the company at risk for loss.

• Per Capital Bank specifications, use strong passwords that include alpha and numeric digits. In addition, employees should be prompted to change them periodically.

• Do not respond to emails requesting personal or banking information, such as Social Security numbers, bank account numbers or PIN numbers.

• Refrain from clicking on any links in an email if you are uncertain about the origin of the email. Often times, links allow criminals access to your information through software programs that are invisible to the user.

ACH Fraud Protection

ACH (Automated Clearing House) Fraud can be a threat to your business. ACH fraud can occur quickly if someone gains unauthorized access to your account information. Once a criminal has certain minimum information, unauthorized ACH payments or withdrawals can be initiated from your company’s accounts in various ways.

• Implement ACH Debit Block. ACH Debit Block is available to block unauthorized or potentially fraudulent ACH Debit transactions from posting against your company’s account. This service is available to business and commercial customers by contacting your local Corporate Cash Management team member.

• NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association) will never ask for information from an account holder directly. They will always correspond through their bank membership vs. directly with a consumer or business.

Finally, if you feel that your information has been compromised, report any suspicious activity to Capital Bank immediately by contacting Capital Bank Electronic Banking at 1.800.639.5111.