Privacy Settings

The below settings will allow you to register your computer so you do not have to receive the one-time security pass code at each log in.

Internet Explorer Settings

From th browser “Tools” menu users can access “internet options” to change there current privacy settings.  If you do not want to change their browser settings to accept third party cookies you may select the prompt radio button. This will let you accept or block cookies from websites visited.

  • Select the “Privacy” tab and click on the “Advanced” button. (This will provide you with the “Advanced Privacy Setting” dialog box)

Internet Options within Internet Explorer

  • First-party Cookies are set to: Accept
  • Third-party cookies are set to: Prompt

Internet Explorer Privacy Settings

When visiting a website you will be Prompted to “Allow” or “Block” cookies,  if you selects allow cookies it will be stored and the next time you visit the website and you will not be prompted.

We recommend checking the  “Apply my decision to all cookies from this website” that way if the user is browsing multiple pages on the website it will not prompt on every page.

Privacy Alert

Safari Settings

Enable Cookies

With the Safari browser actively selected, click on Safari.  Select Preferences and click on the Privacy picture.  Make sure Block Cookies is set to “Never.”

Safari Privacy Settings

Enable Java Script

With the Safari browser actively selected, click on Safari then click the Security portrait and make sure the following options are selected:

  • Enable plug-ins
  • Enable Java
  • Enable JavaScript

Safari Security Settings

Firefox Settings

From the menu bar, click on Tools and select “Options.”

In the Options window, select the Content icon/tab. 

  • Click (ON) the checkbox for "Load images automatically."
  • Click (ON) the checkbox for "Enable JavaScript."
  • Unclick (OFF) the checkbox for “Block pop-up windows.”

Firefox Privacy Settings