MOBILE BANKING - Security Precautions and Information

Stay protected with mobile banking: Security precautions and information for accessing your accounts.

With Smartphones becoming more popular, many people are using mobile web browsers to handle their banking. These web browsers do have some built in features, like standard site encryption, to protect your mobile banking security. For added mobile banking security follow the tips below:

  • Mobile Banking requires having Capital Bank’s Consumer or Commercial Online Banking product.
  • Download App from iTunes Apps or Google Play Store.
  • Download antivirus and malware software from App Store on your mobile device*.
  • Secure your mobile device with a PIN or Password.
  • Always use strong passwords (combination of alpha, numeric, and special characters). Never use your name, birthday, or other easily identifiable data.
  • Change your Online Banking passwords frequently.
  • Always log off completely or close your browser after you are done with mobile banking.
  • Do not allow your mobile device to ‘auto-fill’ user names and passwords.
  • Do not store your user name and passwords in plain text on your mobile device.
  • Bluetooth and similar connections are not secure.  We recommend turning off Bluetooth while mobile banking is in use.
  • Using public WiFi access is not secure and is not recommended while using mobile banking.
  • When in public, be cautious of others viewing your mobile device and your key strokes.
  • Always clear all personal information from your mobile device before discarding it.
  • Keep your mobile devices updated with the latest IOS.
  • Commercial Online Banking requires Tokens to be used for ACH and Wire transactions.
  • Report any suspicious activity, contact eBanking Helpdesk immediately 800-639-5111, Option #4.
  • Additional safety precautions can be found at the below websites:


* Mobile Devices includes cell phones, iPADs, Tablets, etc.