Fast Funds Card
A reloadable card for teens that’s not connected to a checking account, and it’s accepted anywhere Visa® debit is accepted.

Card Features

  • Easy to load – Add funds via cash at a branch* or funds transfer from your Capital Bank debit card.
  • Online convenience – You can purchase and fund the card completely online, as well as receive online monthly statements
  • Great for travel – Can be used internationally provided a travel notice is provided to Customer Service in advance of travel outside the U.S.**
  • Alert enabled – Monitor activity with text and email alerts available based upon criteria you select (low balance, load confirmation, negative balance, etc.)
  • Chip-enabled – For greater security

Card Benefits

  • Monitoring – As the parent, you'll be the account holder, but your teen’s name will appear on the card. That means you can go online any time to view your teen’s account activity and spending history.
  • Fast access to funds – The Fast Funds CardSM can be used to get cash from an ATM*** or make a PIN point of sale purchase
  • Cost-effective – No purchase fee, but the account is subject to a $3 monthly fee**
  • Get started quickly – Purchase online or visit a branch for assistance in purchasing and setting up your card.

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