Secured Visa Card
A smart way to begin building or rebuilding your credit.

Access the purchasing convenience of credit while working to develop a solid history of credit payments that can save you significantly over the course of your financial life.

How the Secured Card Works

When you are approved for the Secured Visa®, your card is "secured" by your new Capital Bank Savings Account, funded by an upfront cash deposit. The amount you deposit remains in the savings account – your collateral – and is equal to your initial credit limit on the card. For example, if you deposit $300, your card offers you a $300 credit limit.

Product Features

  • Credit limits from $300 to $3,000
  • No annual fee
  • Variable rate tied to Prime
  • Zero Liability Protection* – Protects you from unauthorized charges on your account
  • Chip card technology offers enhanced security against potential fraud
  • Global acceptance
  • Convenient card controls via Digital or Mobile Banking that allow you to turn your card “off” or “on” – quickly and easily – to help limit or prevent unauthorized use.

Product Benefits

  • Opportunity to enhance credit history – Information is shared with the three major credit bureaus to improve your overall credit profile.
  • Built-in protection – Lower credit limits and your cash deposit in savings up front makes it easier to manage credit responsibly, limit debt and make on-time payments.
  • Financial control – Charges are applied to your card, not your savings account, and you can easily manage both online via Digital or Mobile Banking.

Interest Rates

See Terms and Conditions

  • Variable rate tied to Prime.
  • Minimum Interest Charge: If you are charged interest, the charge will be no less than $.50.


See Terms and Conditions

  • Cash Advance Fee: 4% of each new Cash Advance but the fee will not be less than $10 per transaction.
  • Late Payment Fee: Up to $35.
  • Over Limit Fee: $0.
  • Foreign Currency Conversion Fee: 3% of each transaction converted to U.S. dollars.
  • Return Payment Fee: Up to $35.

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