Communicating with Capital Bank

Unencrypted email is unsecure and can be easily intercepted by identify thieves. At no time should you include personal or confidential information in an unencrypted email. We recommend you use the secure message feature provided within our online services to communicate with us.

As part of our commitment to keeping your account and personal information safe and secure Capital Bank will never ask you for personal, login or account information through unsolicited email.  Be careful not to provide personal information, such as your account number, card number, PIN, passwords, or account verification answers to people claiming to represent Capital Bank.

If you receive an unsolicited call claiming to be from Capital Bank, requesting account or other personal information, do not respond. Instead, discontinue the call and independently verify the phone number. Only call back once you have ensured it is a legitimate Capital Bank phone number.

Periodically, Capital Bank has telephone, mail, and email promotional campaigns.  If you are unsure of any information you receive from us, do not respond.  Contact us independently to verify.